Feel the freedom. Use any device by any OS
All the features of field software and even more directly in the browser of any of your devices!

The operating system no longer matters if your device has Wi-Fi. Android, IOS, Windows, etc. - use a browser for full control and management of the GNSS receiver via the Web interface.
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You can add your coordinate system and antenna parameters, take points in RTK mode, or convert raw data to RINEX directly in your browser! Now all the field data is stored in the receiver's internal memory so that you don't lose it if something happens to your controller.
The Quick Install feature allows you to step-by-step configure the receiver and its communication modules. Sharing the web interface with our other technologies will make your work simple and convenient!

· Surveing (RTK, Stop&Go, Raw)

· Configuration

· Quick Setup

· Coordinate systems

· Antenna list

· RINEX convert

· NMEA-output
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