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GPS/GLONASS navigation
2cm level accuracy
Professional solutions based on modern technology and more than ten years of experience in GNSS
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GNSS RTK receiver
Ideal as a Rover or Base for high-precision applications, especially surveying
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GNSS receiver with external antenna
Multifunctional single-frequency or multi-frequency receivers suitable for most high-precision applications
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Dual-antenna and three-antenna GNSS receivers
To determine a high-precision attitude and motion vectors
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GSM/UHF modems
External communication modules
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Capable technologies & Design

•Inertial GNSS
•Steady Stream
•Strong Event
Support RTCM V2.x, v3.x, CMR and CMR+
It will fit most RTK receivers
Сustomization & Flexibility
Depending on your needs, the receiver can be equipped with GSM or UHF modem, Beacon, INS or customized for you
We offer the best price for professional GNSS receivers